sabato 28 maggio 2016

A bit of makeup

Yo there!
Here it is, as I promised, the second part of the little haul with the makeup items.

The first two things I got are from Neve Cosmetics. The one on the left is the Flat Perfection smoothing powder foundation in light neutral, I still haven't open it yet because I first want to finish my L'Oreal BB cream I'm currently using. Then I got a Hyde and Seek cream-to-powder concealer in guava (the one on the right).
Neve Cosmetics is an Italian makeup brand known for its mineral makeup (I have some of their mineral blushes and powders), and basically all of their products are vegetarian, some vegan too. I love their eyeshadows as well - they're super pigmented. It's a quality makeup brand that I will never get tired of.

Recently they have opened ItStyle in my town so I dropped by to see if something caught my attention. Leaving out the fact that I would have bought everything, I got three eyeshadows.

The first one is #31, a pretty orangy peach color, more on the orangy side. Not much pigmented.
The second is #55, a brown taupy color I instantly fell in love with, the more classical of all three, I love neutrals so I couldn't resist it. Very disappointed about it, not pigmented at all!!! From the photo it looks like I have a stain on my hand!
The third and last one is #23, a fuchsia baked eyeshadow, it looks matte but if you put it under the light it has little sparkles. Much more pigmented than the other two!
Yes, I got crazy with two colors out of three but I like to experiment every once in a while, then you can always make an eyeliner out of a crazy eyeshadow color if you don't feel brave enough to put it on your lid ;)
I don't really like the packaging, it reminds me of those cheap makeup things you got with magazines during high school. I hope they will get better!
ItStyle is another Italian brand which I don't really know anything about. Last summer I stumbled on one of their shops in the place I was on holiday and got some makeup accessories, a nail polish (not impressed at all with it, had to thrown it away because didn't color my nails!) and an eyeshadow quad (still not used). So now that it's in my town too, I'm sure I will try some more products.
Kiko nail polishes are my favourite ever!! Kiko has tons and tons of colors, they are super lasting (one week even without top coat), and super cheap. This is from the Velvet Satin collection, saw it on a friend of mine, I adore the velvet effect on nails and I love nude colors on them! I know this nail polish is going to be amazing just like all the others from Kiko.
The color of this lipstick is out of my personal range of colors, I prefer reds best, but it was the last one and I hear it calling me (I know I have problems!). Not matte, just a bit glossy. I wanna do a super neutral eyelook to wear it with, it's my first black lipstick so I hope I have the courage to use it!
Kiko always finds a way to make me buy more makeup items than I need everytime, I think these two lipstick pencils are something amazing.

This one (#01) is the perfect nude lip color, texture is so creamy and super pigmented.

The red one (#09) is of course my favourite, I know is going to be perfect, the color is so intense, so pigmented and the consistency is just as creamy as the other one. A bit upset they're this small.
And this was the second part of the haul!
Until the nex post have a sweet day!
Hugs, Kisses and Cookies,
Love, Anna.




giovedì 26 maggio 2016

Some bits

Hey guys!
I just have a couple of haul posts for anyone who loves them.
During some of my walks in the city centre, I stopped by some beauty stores (makeup obsessed argh!) and got just a few bits.


 The first thing I got is a rectangular semi-rigid beauty case, it's plasticky black and its inside is covered with white hearts. It also has a goldy heart-shaped charm at the end of the zip. It's super cute, it was love at first sight!

The second thing I got is this pack of squared cotton pads to take off my makeup with. When I have a whole face of makeup I prefer to use bigger cotton pads like these because it's easier and faster to remove my makeup.
Then I decided to try this purifying sebum-balancing mask (I finished my Lush one), it's from the brand Basic Beauty, never heard of it. It says "purifies and minimizes the pores refreshing the face" and it contains white clay and baobab leaves.
I have very sensitive oily skin, so I'm always on the market to try out new products. I used to do a face-scrub mask with Lush "Mask of Magnaminty" once a week, it leaves my skin a bit smoother but I'm not totally satisfied with it. I prefer "Herbalism" solid soap (always from Lush) that I use every night to clean my face with before going to bed, it seems to control a bit more the hideous shine I get on my forehead, on my nose and on my chin.
Then I got the Miracle Complexion Sponge by Real Technique. I've heard amazing things about it so I decided to give it a try. The flat top is meant to contour, the rounded surface to blend and the pointy end is supposed to conceal.........hope it's good. I know of others who quit using brushes for beauty sponges. Anyway I'm pretty curious to see how it works on my skin.
The last things are these two shampoo and conditioner from Garnier. I love the Ultra Sweet line, this time I got the ones with argan and camelia oils for dry and dull hair. They smell amazing. I have curly hair so it is very dry on its own, and since I started to ombrée it, it got even drier. Although I had a haircut (three months ago) to get rid of all the blond in my head, I would like to have my hair smoother and argan oil works really well in doing this.
So, that's it for now!
I will write the second part of this haul in the next post, which is going to be entirely makeup related.
Hugs, Kisses & Cookies,
Love, Anna.


sabato 14 maggio 2016


I have another nail post for you. Today I decided to do a classic French mani.

I like it because I think it's an evergreen, classy look and always ok for every occasion, I mean you can never go worng with a French manicure. Very delicate and of course easy to do :)
White nail polish --- Kiko in #203
Top coat --- Kiko in  #206
Until the next post I wish you a very good day.
Hugs, Kisses &Cookies,
Love, Anna.

mercoledì 4 maggio 2016


it's been a while, I know, but I decided to get back to the blogging mood.
Yesterday I did my nails and this is the result:

It's just a springy rose, white & glittery nail art.
I took inspiration from a photo I have on my phone. Those nails had rhinestones on the ring finger, but I didn't have the glue so I went for a glittery silver nail polish.
It's easy, nothing complicated but I like it!

Pink nail polish --- Bottega Verde in Rosa candy
White nail polish --- Essence in Wild white ways
Glittery silver nail polish --- Wycon in #21
Top coat --- Yamamay

Hope to be back soon! I wish you a very goodnight :*
Hugs, Kisses & Cookies
Love, Anna.