lunedì 27 giugno 2016

5 summery trends

Hey there!
I think it's obvious by now that I really love shoes and there are 5 trends that are huge this Summer.
It's cool because everyone can have the right shoes for their look. From casual-chic sneakers, multicolor espadrillas, gaudily decorated sandals, to sexy lace-ups and sandals with super high heels. Which one is your favourite?

Lace-up sandals surely catch the eye!



For this Summer, the important is to have a metallic or glittery detail on your sneakers.

These sandals are good for every occasion from day to night, thanks to the decorations.
Jimmy Choo

Espadrillas are more for a casual look, very holiday-looking kind of shoes.

Wedges are evergreen during Summer, super high but always very comfortable.
Until the next post, have a nice day!
Hugs, Kisses & Cookies,
Love, Anna. 

venerdì 24 giugno 2016

How to always have beautiful feet

Hey guys!
We all know how much it's important to always have beautiful feet, especially during Summer when we wear open shoes 24/7!
Here there are three easy suggestions to always keep your feet looking good:
1_ use a base coat to not ruin your nails
2_ put a moisturizing cream before going to bed
3_ do your pedicure at least every four weeks during Summer

These shoes are from Zara, they would look good with a Golden nail polish:





I also like the golden sandals + red nail polish combo:
Kate Spade

Kate Spade

A more neutral shade would look good with a more "colorful" sandal:
And last but not least, pink is a super summery color that you can match with a pair of super cute sandals like these:
Until the next post I'm whishing you a super sweet Summer!
Hugs, Kisses & Cookies,
Love, Anna.


mercoledì 22 giugno 2016

Adopt X Sandrea

Hello everyone,
last February the ever so beautiful Sandrea came out with her beauty collection, it's not only about beauty actually, but I like to call it that way as the juicy part is an amazing palette I'm going to show you in a minute.
For those of you who don't know Sandrea, I bet you've been living under a rock for all this time! She is a French youtuber that makes beauty videos and talks about other life topics.
I know we are in June, so 4 months have passed by, but I discovered Adopt in a shopping mall just a couple of weeks ago.
But I don't wanna ramble anymore. These are the products that I got:

I was so thrilled when I put my hands on them.
This is a little agenda with blank sheets, where to write everything someone may want to: telephone numbers, drawings, ideas.....Super cute and super inspiring with that quote on it!

This is a pink lip crayon named "Dreamy kiss", very creamy and it has a super sweet smell.
The color is a neutral pink and looks well with every type of look, with a darker one and neutral lips, or with a lighter look too, no matter on the season you're wearing it because I think is good for every occasion.

Then here it comes this wonder! The design of the palette is super cute, in pink with feathers and birds flying (they recall Sandrea's wrist tattoo), it is called "Oh my dream!" and it's a very dreamy palette indeed!!
It is made of carton board and has a magnetic closing. It has a mirror inside, super useful when it comes to palettes, because you can put it in your bag and do your makeup whenever you want without taking an extra mirror with you.
It contains eight eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer, a mini brush and a sponge applicator. It's a complete palette and totally unexpensive, we could definitely not ask for more!
From up to bottom we find: Colombe, Eagle, Flamingo, Mésange, Rossignol, Faucon, Owls, Raven....all birds name (from left to right in the palette).
They're all super satin and very pigmented, Colombe and Eagle are shimmery, Flamingo and Mésange are matte, Rossignol is another shimmery one, and the last three Faucon, Owls and Raven are matte. My favourite ones are Faucon and Rossignol, the burgundy and coppery ones. I really love this palette!
The blush and the bronzer are respectively called Rose Onirique and Hale Idyllique.
As you can see from the swatches they're not as pigmented as the eyeshadows at all, and this disappoints me a bit. I don't know if it's just me, if I did something wrong or what....I don't know.
Anyway, the blush is a very delicate pink and the bronzer you can barely see it. Maybe they're not the right shade for my skin...don't know.
Overall, this collection was a good discover and the palette is adorable, I can't wait to use it!!
Until the next post I'm wishing you a good day.
Hugs, Kisses & Cookies,
Love, Anna.



venerdì 17 giugno 2016

Flats and a mini bag

Hey everyone,
guess what? I got a new pair of shoes and a mini bag (like if I needed them! -.-' ).
This time round I chose a pair of flats.

They're light grey, super soft and super cute. I think the details make them a bit elegant, nothing too classy but you can wear them on a date or on a night out.

Then I bought also this mini bag, it's one of those bags that you can hang to your wrist with the zip thing (I don't know how to call it). It's black with kind of lacy details, super useful during summer or when you don't want to bring a bag full of stuff with you.

Many kisses untile the next post.

Hugs, Kisses and Cookies,
Love, Anna.

lunedì 13 giugno 2016

Collars addiction

Hey there,
have I ever told you about my collars addiction?
I love shirts with collars, they're so cute and give a tiny pinch of elegance in my opinion.

A couple of months ago I got these lovely shirts. A white one with a black collar (probably my favourite), a light blue one with a white collar, and a blue one without any collars but with some ruffles on the shoulders.
They're super summery, light material and appropriate for every occasion.

I also got a new pair of sneakers (again!). They're blue with a brown hem and flowery cute! :) I actually already worn them, I just couldn't resist!

Until the next time, have a sweet day.
Kisses, Hugs & Cookies,
Love, Anna.

giovedì 9 giugno 2016

Shoes & Bags

A couple of months ago I got a pair of shoes and two bags. I normally tend to substitute my old shoes for new ones when they are too old, I don't wear them anymore, or they are completely "destroyed".

Here they are! I think they're super cool, they are grey with a colored pattern on the back. They're pretty simple but I like them.
Then I got two bags.
The first one is this black and white handbag with no shoulder strap. I think it's simple but classy.
And then I got this super cute flowery bag with a chain shoulder strap. Love it!
They're not big bags at all, they're pretty small, you can't put whatever you want in it, but I'll use them for going out at night I think.
That's it for now!
 Hugs, Kisses & Cookies,
Love, Anna.