giovedì 9 giugno 2016

Shoes & Bags

A couple of months ago I got a pair of shoes and two bags. I normally tend to substitute my old shoes for new ones when they are too old, I don't wear them anymore, or they are completely "destroyed".

Here they are! I think they're super cool, they are grey with a colored pattern on the back. They're pretty simple but I like them.
Then I got two bags.
The first one is this black and white handbag with no shoulder strap. I think it's simple but classy.
And then I got this super cute flowery bag with a chain shoulder strap. Love it!
They're not big bags at all, they're pretty small, you can't put whatever you want in it, but I'll use them for going out at night I think.
That's it for now!
 Hugs, Kisses & Cookies,
Love, Anna.


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