mercoledì 21 gennaio 2015

Big Buffet and Concert in Milan

A few days ago I went to a concert of an Italian band in Milan, with a couple of friends.
We live near Milan, so it took us just an hour to get there. As it was 19 o' clock (more or less), we went to a bar for a aperitif. The place was called "Sand" and it was very cool, it had soft black leather sofas and mirrors all over the walls, light was suffused and they played lounge music.
We ordered our drinks. I got one named Sand (as the place) that was so good, it tasted like pineapple, banana and orange; and my friends had another one but I can't remember what it was.
But what is a happy hour without a buffet? Let me tell you it was magnificent! We plunged into the sea of food on the table decked for the occasion: different types of pasta, tortellini with cream and ham, lasagna, couscous, fresh sliced bread and several sauces to put on, cheese, pizza, focaccia bread, croquettes......oh, how I love aperitifs buffets! I always gorge a lot on!

The concert was at Alcatraz, a famous gigantic disco in the city. There was a neverending queue and we nearly thought that we would never have entered. The show lasted an hour and a half, we sang all the songs at the top of our lungs. It was amazing, it seemed to have stepped back in time.
Disco music started at the end of the show. The event was dedicated to the Nineties so the dj played all the dance songs from that period. It was a lot of fun.
Unfortunately we had to go back home as the fog had descended, and even though we're not that far from Milan, we would have taken twice the time.
We ended the night eating marshmallows in the car. I love marshmallows!
What an amazing time!
Kisses, Hugs and Cookies,
Love, Anna

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