mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015

Wine & Food Tasting

Recently, I've been to a wine and food tasting with some friends. We drove for about 45 minutes heading to Bergamo to arrive at the restaurant where everything took place.
The location was evocative due to the wintry landscape, the restaurant was surrounded by bare trees and there was also a little lake with a little fountain in the middle of it, and a mini jetty (I wondered who ever tried to sail that tiny body of water!).  The place was on a rise, the tiny street we walked through was full of greenery and other plants that would probably blossom in spring. I bet that place must be amazing during spring and summer because they organise wedding there too, so I tried to imagine everything was floral.
who has the courage to get on that old boat?
First they took us on a wine cellar tour, and told the story of their family that produces wine since ages, and how they make it. Then, once we were all sat down in the hall, they served us five different types of wine which sadly I don't remember the name; I don't like wine that much so I just sipped it but I can recall there were a spumante, two white wines and two red wines (one of them, the last one combined with the dessert, was delicious and also the most expensive one!).
The room was pretty big, all white, with white tables and white chairs as well, everything was tidy and accurate.
this is a chandelier I was particularly in love with
Regarding the food, it was just a small taste unfortunately (yeah, I love food!!!): two types of cheese (one creamy and one not), a few slices of salami and a couple slices of coppa (which I don't like). Since it wasn't enough for me I decided to have a second round of food. What a greedy!
small taste, sigh
The best part (at least for me) was the one pertaining to dessert; they gave us one plate every two people (but I've been lucky because my friend left most of it) with a couple of butter cookies with almonds that were simply delicious, and some pieces of apple pie (my favourite ever!), very yummy!
We chatted and we laughed on our way back home, we were all so cheerful, it was a blast!
And that's it! Until the next post I'm wishing you a sweet time!
Kisses, Hugs and Cookies (those with butter and almonds, yum!)
Love, Anna


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