sabato 24 gennaio 2015

New Hair

My hair was almost waist-length...until yesterday when I decided to have a haircut. I love long hair, I personally prefer it because I think it looks better on me, but I really needed a haircut.

I started ombree my hair four years ago until July when I wanted to be a red head so I dyed my hair red. The last time I had a haircut was two years ago more or less....basically my hair was suffering and needed a restyling. I haven't done anything crazy or new, just the same old layered haircut that I have for years now, but I'm not very brave when it comes to hair because I don't think that I would look good with something different. I constantly straighten my hair which is natural curly and frizzy, so it was pretty exhausted. I know myself too well to suppose that I'll start to ombree my hair again for the upcoming summer.
What do you think about my new haircut? Should I try a new one, maybe?
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Love, Anna.


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