lunedì 9 marzo 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey

I went to the cinema about a couple of weeks ago. Some friends of mine wanted to see "Fifty Shades of Grey", they were so excited about it because they read the book, so I decided to join them and see what was all this rave about. I haven't read the book, but more or less I knew the story of Christian and Anastasia and honestly.......I expected more.
The film was pretty featureless. Jamie Dornan was very sexy indeed, but I found the character of Christian so oppressive and too much of a stalker for my taste, they're not even a couple and he seems to appear everywhere she goes. While Anastasia is so boring (I'm not talking about the actress, I'm talking about the character of Anastasia).
I think the story has nothing original or special: boy meets girl, he's too hot for her but he wants her anyway, she drools over him whenever she sees him and since she's very clumsy we participate to some little funny situations, they kiss, they decide to be friends plus benefits, he is so cold hearted and eventually she falls in love. The only thing that could give the film a bit of spice is the BDSM thing Mr. Grey is into, but they cut a lot of scenes (my friend told me that the book is full of sex moments).
I know how the entire story ends, but I won't spoil it, and I asked my friend to lend me the other two books of the trilogy since I am curious to see how the story develops.
The only thing that I really liked was the soundtrack: simply amazing. There is not one single song that I don't like, and "Love me like you do" by Ellie Goulding which is the main one, is one of my favourites at the moment.

Have you seen this film? What do you think about it?

Have a very nice day!
Kiss, Hugs and Cookies,
Love, Anna.

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