giovedì 5 marzo 2015

Nail art

I started doing nail art four years ago by chance (although I think that everything happens for a reason, sometimes you just don't know what's that reason ), I remember I was bored surfing the internet until I stumbled on some very cute pictures of nails on Facebook.
I got more and more excited, so I decided to go and buy what I needed: brushes and a dotter.
These are some of my creations:

I always do nail arts that are easy to recreate, so nothing too difficult; mainly because I'm not good at drawing so I just can't do too elaborate designs. I try to reproduce what I see on photos I find on the net, and I don't use professional tools or nail polishes, just the ones you find in beauty stores.

The time I spend on a nail art varies a lot on how much complicated it is, and on how quick nail polishes dry. Sometimes you just need a lot of patience! I know I don't do surprising things but I'm pretty proud of myself, I hope I get better with practicing.

What do you think about nail art? Do you like it? Have you ever tried it?
That's it for now....I haven't been writing in a while I know, I've just been busy with Uni, exams and stuff....I will try to write more from now on.
Until the next time have fun and enjoy yourself!
Kisses, Hugs & Cookies,
Love, Anna.

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