giovedì 14 luglio 2016

Makeup love

Hello there!
I collected some makeup products in the past couple of months that I wanted to show you, but I'll split this "haul" post in two parts because I don't want to make it too long.

The first thing is nothing too exciting, some hair elastics because a girl always needs them!

This is the Maybelline Affinitone concealer, I haven't opened it yet because I want to finish the one I'm using a the moment.
It's a new formula for me since I've always used creamy ones.

New big cotton pads. This time I got those with peeling effect, I'm curious to see if they really work.

This is the Deer Lash mascara from Neve Cosmetics, an Italian makeup brand I have already talked about, that I love.
I don't like to open many mascaras all at once because they normally dry very fast, so this one is still closed.

I also got these three eyepencils from Neve Cosmetics;

one in Brown,

one in Rose, which is this amazing sparkly pink champagne,

and one in Purple. They're all super pigmented!!

Then I got two lip butters, one in raspberry and the other (my favourite) in coconut, and a normal lip balm.

I needed a spray bottle so I got this one. They're always useful for any purpose.

Recently I found myself loving nude colors for nails, so that's why I got this Maybelline Super Stay nail polish in Rose Poudré, and as the name says, it's a dusty pink, simply amazing. Love it!

Always from Neve Cosmetics I got these two lipglosses from the new Vernissage collections.

Water Lilies looks like a glittery brown in the phial, while in reality it's a glittery clear gloss.

Dancers in Pink is a more corally one but very sheer.
They smell so sweet, but they're a bit sticky, which I don't like.

I fell in love with the Blush Garden collection from Neve Cosmetics, so I got these two cream blushes. Package is so cute (always a plus!). There's 7 of them, one for each day of the week.

This one is called Tuesday Rose, it's a pink with a bit of orangy undertone in it, but it has a natural finish.


This one is Wednesday Rose (I forgot to take the photo of it), it looks a bit brown in the pan but the finish is way lighter and has a super natural finish as well.

This is the L'Orèal Miss Manga Punky mascara.

Another brand I cannot resist is Kiko, so I got these two pencil lipglosses.

This one is in 07, it's a pretty baby pink,

and this one in 08 is a nude brownish color.

And last but not least I got another Neve Cosmetics product. This is the Pillow Lips lip balm, it is supposed to blister your lips. I don't know if it does what is claimed for, but I really love the sweet smell of it and I always need lip balms because I probably use one of them every month.
It is brown but I can assure you that is totally clear.

That's it with the first part of this "haul" post!
Until the next time I'm wishing you a sweet Summer!

Hugs, Kisses & Cookies,
Love, Anna.

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